With deep roots in landscaping, Gary's Perennials has stood the test of time. Since 1984, we've been providing top-quality perennials to growers, landscape nurseries and contractors.

Gary's Perennials
Gary & Andrea Steinberg

Roots, Quality & Selection
We specialize in popular varieties of hardy, North American grown perennials well-suited to bare root culture (plants that can stand up to vegetative division and transplanting in field conditions). These are varieties with starchy roots or networks of rhizomes, too wide to grow as well in plugs. Astilbe, Ferns, Geraniums and Hemerocallis were early examples of our line. The list has grown to include hard to find and highly sought-after plants that meet the needs of today's designers. Many were added on request. And we cut the slower sellers. Our list has evolved into a catalog of some of the most reliable plants for use in large areas as distinctive groundcovers. It's a short list that sells large.


Think of our roots as quarts without plastic. We wash off the soil to facilitate shipping, save you money, and reduce the carbon footprint.  New customers are often surprised to learn that most of our plants are suitable for direct installation. Most growers finish in one and two-gallon containers. (Allow eight weeks to grow a typical gallon.)


In addition to the perennial businesses, we run a residential landscape design/build division. Designing with and installing the plants we sell has enabled us to see first-hand which plants work best in particular situations and settings. We draw on this experience to help our wholesale customers choose the right plants for their projects and for cultural information.

We take pride in our customer service. You are welcome to ask cultural questions, even from the field. Join hundreds of satisfied wholesale buyers who come back year after year. And if you can tell us how to serve you better, we will take your suggestions to heart.

Perennial Growers

What Our Customers are Saying...

"Your plants are wonderful...they are looking robust!"
- Mollie R.

"Perfect. The way you pack them is far superior to most companies I have dealt with." - Joyce B. R.

"The quality of plants, the communication, and your delivering per the schedule were all excellent. Thank
you for the great service!" - Nathan K.

"I have had the best experience...plants are very good quality and customer service is awesome. I will definitely be a returning customer." - Chase P.

Gary's Wholesale Perennials
Our property, circa 1991

"All the plants were perfect. We will be ordering more come spring." - Chris R.

"Outstanding as usual." - Tim H.

"Everything is doing great! I was actually telling my husband how impressed I was with the growth and health of all the plants." - Taiga M.

"All got planted yesterday...they were amazing...I am telling everyone about your great service and products!" - Cathryn B.